Safe Ship is a Certified U.S.P.S. Retail Postal Center. We do Post Office services at Post Office prices. As your Certified U. S. P. S. Retail Postal Center, we function as your local Post Office doing all Post Office services AT THE SAME PRICE AS THE POST OFFICE. No upcharge like all the other Pack and Ship stores do. The United States Postal Service is scheduled to close 2280 bricks and mortar Post Office locations by the end of next year and furlough about 22,000 employees to reduce their $5 billion per month losses. Safe Ship is helping to fill that need.

PLUS, we are your FedEx Store, DHL International Ship Center and your full service freight store. Safe Ship is your one stop location where you can compare every one's pricing to be sure you are getting the best price and the exact service you need, WORLDWIDE.

Now add in the most thoroughly trained packaging engineers in the area AND the ability to make the perfect packaging for your shipment with their own box making machine and you know that you get the best value at Safe Ship.

In an economy that is weak and not growing, Safe Ship franchise stores understand the need to help our customers save money. This is what Safe Ship is all about. Unlike our competitors who charge 58 cents for a 49 cent stamp, we charge the normal 49 Cents. Think about it. If they are overcharging you by 30% on a 49 cent stamp, how much are you being ripped off for everything else?

Safe Ship. We can pack, mail or ship anything for you.
DHL, Fedex, USPS, Post Office, U-Haul